October 12th, 2020

AKA Field Blend #3

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Here's how AKA rated their bake:




What went well?

Taste was consistent with prior bakes, crumb was w tiny bit shinier/gummier than ideal but still very good.

What didn't?

Did not score boule at all, so not surprised the ear isn't great. Cooked in electric oven, so left in for 25/20 (lidded/unlidded) rather than the usual 25/14

Other notes

LEVAIN: 70g mature LENNY 200g AP 60g WW 200g warm H20 BULK: 112g RYE (all I had left, should've been 140g) 28g WW 20g fine salt 310g warm H20 autolyse 1 hour, then add 320g mature LEVAIN bulk fermented in COLD ROOM (avg temp 55 deg F) overnight, then folded 2x over 2 hours in morning sun

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