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What went well?

Great ovenspring, very surprising how long this one took to fully proof

What didn't?

Should have baked uncovered for slightly longer at a lower temp

Baked: June 28th, 2022
Posted: June 28th, 2022

Other notes

Recipe for this no-yeast riff on Ken Forkish's Field Blend #2: Autolyse: 176g fresh-milled hard white wheat 326g AP 17g fine iodized salt 335g room-temperature spring water ~~autolyse for 2.5h at room temperature (about 70 F) ~~ Then add: 80g mature LENNY starter, fed about 4 hours previously ~~~FERMENTED 2h on countertop, then 9h in fridge, then another 6.5h on countertop the next day ~~~ Baked covered in cast iron at 550F for 25 minutes, then uncovered at 480F for another 11min

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