November 22nd, 2021

Fresh-milled test recipe 2

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Here's how AKA rated their bake:




What went well?

Nice ovenspring, good clean flavor, not much tang. Came out quite soft, like sandwich bread, not much crisp to the crust (likely because oven isn't so hot)

What didn't?

Would have let it cook longer and higher to get better browning and deeper flavor

Other notes

320g AP 172g soft white wheat, fresh-milled on #3 of mockmill100 and bran sifted out 360g quite warm H2O ~~autolyse 25 mins~~ Then pincer in: 12g fine salt 78g stiff starter ~~BULK ferment 8h on countertop~~ Shape into boule, let sit while oven comes to temp (550 on this electric not-great oven). 25 mins covered at 550F, then uncover and set to 475F for another 22 mins

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