March 27th, 2021

100% whole grain

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What went well?

The dough was easy to handle, the crumb is OK considering it is 100% whole wheat, and it is super crusty.

What didn't?

It kind of flattened out in the oven. I'd like more oven spring and better shape (less flat)

Other notes

50% all purpose organic heritage 25% organic whole wheat 25% organic rye 95% hydration 2% salt 20% leaven sifted all flours overnight autolyze lamination 90 mins after adding starter 3 coil folds 6 hr proof at 16 deg C bake at 500 deg C for 50 mins in dutch oven (25 covered, 25 uncovered)

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the shape

Fred Benenson

March 29, 2021

Honestly, this looks like the best 100% WW loaf I've seen in stores (Gjusta in LA), so you might not be able to get much better shape. Did you like the taste? I can never decide if I like it better than just 50/50 or whatever.


April 01, 2021

Haha thanks Fred. Taste was great! I haven't made a 50/50 in a while though, but when I restock on white flour I'll try it out for comparison.