Squash Loaf

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What went well?

Weird but good flavour. Very moist crumb.

What didn't?

I didn't have proofing baskets or a sharp blade for scoring. I would also have let the loaf sit at room temp for longer before baking (seems underproofed).

Baked: December 19th, 2020
Posted: December 20th, 2020

Other notes

100% Boreal Organic White Flour 80% Hydration 1 light turn after salt 1 lamination after 30 mins 1 lamination w/ squash after 30 mins 3 folds w/ 60 min rest Final proof overnight in the fridge Baked at 500 in a cast iron dutch oven

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the crumb

Fred Benenson

December 20, 2020

I love that color! In terms of your crumb, the biggest thing I notice is the large air pockets – those are likely due to air getting trapped during your shaping, as opposed to fermentation bubbles. One thing that I like to do to try is pinch out the holes and make sure you're not tucking air into it during the final shape. Other than that I'd *maybe* let it go a little longer in the oven, but I tend to like my crust well done. Oh, and good job on the laminating!