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What went well?

Almost nothing went well! The dough was very stiff when it came together, didn't rise at all for the first hour, and when it finally did rise just felt dense and off.

What didn't?

I wasn't super precise with measurements, and am pretty sure I didn't add enough oil and water, hence the super dense dough. Also I started the proof at room temp when this kind of dough definitely needed to be proofed at closer to 100 degrees (when I popped it in the oven on bread proof setting it was much happier).

Baked: December 29th, 2020
Posted: December 29th, 2020

Other notes

I mainly wanted to make a giant puffy spiral of challah (instead of the braid, which is also fun) and while I made a ton of mistakes it ended up alright and I've eaten 1/4 of this already...

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Tieg Zaharia

December 30, 2020

Nice shape 👏🏻