Classic Country Sourdough

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What went well?

I'm really happy with the crumb! I have been trying to get a more open crumb and this was definitely more open than my usual basic sourdough loaf. The crust was also really thin and crisp on top, which is my favorite style.

What didn't?

I'm curious how it would have turned out if I'd followed the recipe exactly as instructed.

Baked: January 24th, 2021
Posted: January 24th, 2021

Other notes

I found this recipe on instagram and thought it would be fun to try some new techniques. - the recipe calls for a really long 2-3 hour autolyse. I started a bit late in the day so cut it to 1 hour. - the bulk fermentation period is also really long, 5-6 hours. I only did 4.5, because it go too late - I tried lamination for this loaf, it was fun and I think had a positive effect on the crumb (in total I did 1 stretch and fold/1 lamination/2 more stretch and folds over the course of 4 hours) - my first time shaping and scoring a batard. I am excited to do more of this shape.

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