Elizabeth & Conor

November 29th, 2020

Boule's Gold

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Here's how Elizabeth & Conor rated their bake:




What went well?

Leaf scoring turned out well!

What didn't?

I didn't get the rise out of the cold bulk ferment that I was expecting—would like to try again.

Other notes

Top loaf is plain, bottom loaf is sesame + seaweed + miso, but I forgot to add sesame seeds on the top of it to enhance the flavor.

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Fred Benenson

November 30, 2020

How did the seaweed taste turn out? Also your scoring is out of control!

Elizabeth & Conor

December 01, 2020

Really good! It's a mainstay in our house, make it more often than plain at this point. And yes, Conor is a crazy good scorer!!!

Tieg Zaharia

December 01, 2020