My usual loaf

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What went well?

I've been experimenting with time and temperature for the bulk and was really happy with the outcome this time.

What didn't?

Still not as tangy as I'd like. I think I could have cold proofed just a few hours longer for a bit more flavor and a bit more open crumb.

Baked: January 23rd, 2023
Posted: January 29th, 2023

Other notes

Here is my recipe, adapted from multiple sources and undergoing constant tweaking with each loaf: - 580g bread flour - 400g water - 75g starter - 14g salt - Autolyse flour and water 30 minutes - Mix in starter and salt - Bulk ferment with 6 stretch and folds at 23C 6 hours - Shape batard and cold proof in banneton at 5C 12 hours - Retard further in refrigerator 3C until ready to bake (about 7 hours for this loaf) - Bake at 425F in cast iron bread pan with lid on 30 minutes, lid off about 20 minutes

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