Tieg Zaharia

March 26th, 2021

The Wheat Germ Experiment

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What went well?

This is the tangiest soudrough I've made yet! Not sure if it's the wheat germ or my starter is just tangier now. Also, the wheat germ does add a nutty flavor, but it's very subtle, so I might try to add it to future loaves for flavor/nutrition?

What didn't?

More air bubbles would be great, so maybe more work in the folding part at the end next time.

Other notes

Used a Korean brand of bread flour in place of the AP flour and it turned out fine.

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Fred Benenson

March 29, 2021

Ooh! I'd say your oven spring turned out pretty good. Looking forward to about more wheat germ experiments :) You should spawn a starter where you feed it more wheat germ and see what happens.

Tieg Zaharia

March 29, 2021

Yes! Hadn't thought about that, great idea