Tartine Country with Cranberry & Walnut

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What went well?

I made this with 15% of a local stone ground rye flour (Castle Valley Mill), 100g Walnuts and 200g cranberries. Despite an awkward shaping (Cranberry & Walnut make it hard), flavor was excellent & irresistible, and it was good second day as well. Better oven spring than expected from the akward Bartard shaping process.

What didn't?

As I said, Cranberry & Walnut make shaping very hard. Don't know if that can be changed.

Baked: August 9th, 2020
Posted: August 11th, 2020

Other notes

- Batard a bit too large for pan - About 100 g walnut / 200 g Cranberry - After 25 mins at 475 F, I take lid off and elevated loaf on a small metal stand to avoid burning of bottom during final 15 mins. If you want to know about where I got the stand write me.

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