40% Whole Grains Sourdough

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What went well?

I used a higher ratio of whole grains than I normally do (40% in this vs 30% normally) and got a super nice tang in this! Really liked the colour on this loaf too

What didn't?

Lamination was a little difficult in this loaf. Crust was okay but I keep getting really dark bottoms on my loaves. I've tried a bunch of techniques (triple layering parchment, putting my combo cooker on a cookie sheet, baking on a higher rack, lowering temp slightly). Any feedback is very much appreciated! :)

Baked: April 12th, 2021
Posted: April 12th, 2021

Other notes

60% white, 20% red fife, 20% whole wheat, ~12% sunflower seeds (leftover from another project), 80% hydration, 15% starter, 2% salt. 2 h autolyse, 6 h bulk, 17.5 h cold. 460F 20 mins covered, 25 mins uncovered. I had 3 avocados leftover so this was baked to use them in avo toast but they all went bad :(

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bottom crust

Fred Benenson

April 13, 2021

Ooh! I can help with this. I used to run into this problem before on my old oven. The trick was to "block" the heat coming from below by putting a cookie sheet on its own rack below my dutch oven. So two racks: one with a blank cookie sheet, another with your combo cooker, etc. Let me know if it works!