March 23rd, 2021

Sprouted Wheat Berry Sourdough

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What went well?

Good crust, easy handling, and great bake overall. I tried letting it proof on the countertop for ~30 mins after shaping to see if it would help with proper fermenting (felt a bit underproofed after bulk).

What didn't?

I didn’t sprout my wheat berries enough so some of them weren’t tender enough.

Other notes

70% white, 15% red fife, 15% whole wheat, ~15% sprouted wheat berries, 82% hydration, 15% starter, 2% salt. 2 h autolyse, 6.5 h bulk, 17.5 h cold. 475F 20 mins covered, 25 mins uncovered.

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Fred Benenson

March 23, 2021

Beautiful! Can you taste the wheat berries?


March 24, 2021

Hi Fred, the addition of the wheat berries made the texture more complex/interesting. I didn't notice much of a flavor change (this is my go-to base recipe), but maybe that's because I didn't let them germinate enough